When it comes to keeping score, numbers and money matter. They also only represent one piece of the pie. I know that your dream isn’t exclusively about making money. There is more to business than the bottom line; there is an impact we want to create in the world. So our means of measurement has to include these things – and it has to be fun so we actually enjoy measuring our success.

If you want to have fun with keeping score, you have to make it fun for yourself. This has to be personal. Yes, I am encouraging you to be selfish here! Once you understand your motivations you can keep score in a way that excites you.

Instead of measuring your output in terms of dollars you can measure it in terms of new things you have learned that day; the impact you had on making the world a better place; the amount meaningful connections you have made with others; or the accomplishments you checked off that moved you closer to your dream.

Once you understand your strengths and motivators, it’s easy to find a way to make keeping score fun.


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