Have you taken the leadership pledge yet?

In a few days in the U.S., the President will be sworn in for a second term and a new congress will be in session. We already know that it will be a contentious time in our country – again.

While I can’t tell you for certain that I have the solution, I do know what the wrong direction is. The fighting, bickering and insults I hear in the community, on the news, and across the internet. It hasn’t been helping our country move forward. It hasn’t helped a single one of us feel any better.

So leave that aside. Whatever your beliefs, your dreams or your vision for your country, community, business and life – be a leader – not a complainer.

This year, challenge yourself and others.

Make 2013 a year to quit the whining, the complaining, the negativity – the just plain nervousness and decide to be the leader you have been waiting for.

Take the pledge and share it with others. Let’s join forces and accomplish something great this year!

Our Pledge


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