In order to be the best leader you can be, you get to embrace the leader that you already are.  Many people work to fit into what they perceive to be the “ideal” leadership styles instead of using their own talents to their advantage.

Doing so can be a great disservice to your team members as well as yourself; by operating outside of your natural abilities, you’re only causing stress and confusion for everyone involved.

No matter your personal skills or character traits, you can mold yourself into a leader whom others will respect and graciously follow.

So now let’s take a look at four dominant leadership styles and their characteristics.

  • The Arranging Style consists of leaders who prefer to take charge of the situation at hand while focusing on each team member’s performance.
  • The Assisting Style of leaders are also people-oriented and usually have a more easygoing attitude and a quieter approach to leadership than Arrangers.
  • The Analyzing Style of leaders thrive when working within clear, defined rules. They’re sticklers for detail and quality, refusing to let sub-par work go out on their watch.
  • The Achieving Style leaders are highly focused on the results of their actions. They want to get things done now.

So what kind of a leader are you?

Coach Corinne


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