I am noticing that when working out there is this point when I get to the burn that I can either give up or I can keep going.  It seems that point is where my body starts to get really warm and the sweat starts to pour down my face, and at the same time I know I can keep going, I want to keep going!

I know at that point I am burning calories and getting stronger.  With each week it is getting easier, and I am finding my sweet spot.

I might have done this before,  however,  this is the first time I have really noticed it and have noticed the correlation to business.

It comes with getting stronger and the self confidence that we are able to keep going, that when it gets tough, we are able to know what the payoff  is, and where we are going.

This is so exciting to me. I wonder if this is why most really successful people work out?  Do they already know this? Is it just part of who they are?  A natural behavior that helps them be successful without even knowing  it?

In business, when we first start out and from time to time we need, even get to, push hard.  There are many moments along the way where we get to make choices if we will keep going, and, even ask our self why?

Why am I even in business?

Our vision and the commitment to that vision helps us become stronger…  We become strong as we push ourselves into that sweet spot with confidence and being okay with that wonderful warmth and sweat running down our face.

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

To our Success,
Corinne McElroy

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