Waiting For A Leader

Are we all waiting for a leader to save us?  What if the leaders do not come…what if they do not know how to save us?….Then what?….I hear people say, ‘When Obama takes office things will change!  They will be better!’ We are starving for leadership and direction. What if the leaders we are waiting for can not save us on their own?  What if they do not have all of the answers? These words rang in my head over and over as I lay awake at 3 a.m. the other night.

What if we are the leaders we are waiting for? Imagine what would be different in our lives, our homes, our companies our communities and in the world. What will it take for each of us to be that leader and take 100% responsibility for what we experience in our life? I know this is what I am asking myself. If I were 100% responsible for what I experience in my life and if I behaved in a way that made this true what would I do differently?

I know I would be willing to take more risks, go out more, and call my family more often, spend more money, be healthier and love a whole lot more. What would the ripple effect be? I may never know the impact that I have on the world. However, if all of us really empower our DASH and take it on then each of us becomes the leader we have been waiting for, and each of us becomes “the change we want to see in the world”, to quote Ghandi.

So, I am asking myself if not now when? The answer for me is NOW! How about you? What will be your message? We need you.  I know you’re out there.


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