Customized Training for Your Business

At Edge of Change we create customized programs to meet your needs.

Our approach to development begins by taking a look at the whole picture starting with the Team Diagnostic Assessment. There are 4 different assessments to choose from. This provides us with a snapshot of your team at the current moment. It reveals the strengths and opportunities for growth within the team and what the current conditions actually are in the business at the start of our program. From this information we partner with you to create a targeted, customized training program that stimulates the behavioral change needed to generate the desired results within your business.

Our process of specifically understanding the challenges faced by the business and developing training and coaching programs around it along with follow up measurements to ensure we are on-track to creating the business of your dreams provides accountability for everyone involved - including the Edge of Change team - while giving us another valuable opportunity to ask some important questions: "Where have you been?; Where are you now?; and Where are you Going?"

Workshops With Proven Results


Finding Your Edge: Discovering Your Strengths and Making a Difference

Align your team naturally. By identifying the strengths of each team member and understanding the strengths of others in the team, each participant in this training will know how to best move themselves and the team forward. This course comes with a strengths assessment for each participant, an assessment of the overall team strengths, and experiential learning processes that move each participant toward discovering the power of their strengths and the shadowy side of each strength leading to a greater understanding of their contributions to the team and the mission of the organization.


The Leader’s Journey: Discovering Your Leadership Impact

Everyone in your organization, regardless of their current title, is a leader. As a human being we constantly have the power to influence and lead others, and how we lead always creates an impact. In this training, your team will understand the leadership impact they are making on themselves and those that surround them. Each participant will have the opportunity to discover their unique leadership style and skills, how to adapt their leadership style for maximum effectiveness, and create their own leadership development plan.


Visioning and Goal Setting: Projecting Your Tomorrow and Heading Toward It Today

Most of us have never taken the time to create a vision for ourselves, our teams, or our organization. Understanding our own personal vision and how it ties into the work we do provides the fundamental foundation for a massive culture shift within your organization. In this training program your team will learn to strategically think over the long term, set measurable action steps, eliminate distractions, and link their personal vision to the larger goals of the organization - creating higher personal engagement for each team member with the needs and goals of the business.


The Power of Effective Communication

Communication skills are the essential element to success in all areas of our life. Participants in this training learn to communicate effectively with others using verbal and non verbal communication. They will learn to enhance their listening skills to avoid misunderstandings and will build collaborative relationships within the team that will inspire mutual trust and respect. Attendees leave this training with an understanding of how to listen for the entire message being conveyed and will know how to quickly identify internal and external factors that impact communication.