All year long we strive for joy and happiness, to live our lives just a little bit better then the last year.

Each Christmas Eve I look back over the year and think about how I felt on the past Christmas Eve. What was going on with the kids, my husband, all my friends and my business. I  measure how far I have come, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

I  think about where I want to be next Christmas Eve.

If  Christmas is all about love, then what must I do to demonstrate my love… not just once in a while, every day… in every action I take and every thought I think?

What must I do to truly love others as myself?  What must I do to love myself even more… so I can increase my ability to love others?

If love is the answer, then how will I live next year so that when I look back on today, I have the peace of mind that comes from knowing
— truly KNOWING — that my life is being measured by my capacity to love.

My thoughts:  I can do better each day striving to achieve my personal best. Learn to love myself even when I fail and celebrated even more when I succeed.

Maybe that’s the message of the season… unconditional love.

Learn to love others by learning to love yourself — blemishes, failures and all.

Next Christmas Eve I will look back on today and proclaim… I have been given the gift of love by starting with myself.

What a beautiful idea.

With Much Love,
Corinne McElroy


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