It’s that time again, the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one.

Having a blog for now over two years allowed me to go back and read what I have written the last two Decembers.  “Pretty darn good stuff by the way.”
I suggest you go back and read December 2008-2009.

I have decided that my theme for 2011 is to “Honor and appreciate what I have.”

What is important to me about this theme is it reminds me to look at my WHOLE LIFE.  When I honor and appreciate myself, my loved ones, my home, my friends, my finances and my work, it is not about getting more… it is about taking care of and being grateful for what I have.

On Christmas morning I looked around at all the gifts and though there weren’t as many as in years past the smiles and love was still there, maybe even more.

I am personally focusing on what I will “Stop doing, Continue to do and Start doing”.  This is my way to move into the New Year of 2011 with the Theme of “Honoring and appreciating what I have.”

What will your Theme for 2011 be and what is important about it to you?

Comment below~

Wishing you the best,
Corinne McElroy


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