commitmentWhat does commitment really mean? The way we sometimes talk about it – in a casual and slightly off-hand manner, as in; “Yeah, I’m committed…” leads me to offer a clear definition of commitment.

Commitment means doing whatever it takes to achieve your results (staying in Integrity of course).

Commitment means sticking with something no matter how hard, challenging, or disheartening it is.

Commitment means choosing to stay on track and getting to work – even if all you feel like doing is curling up on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

Commitment means showing up early, staying late, and seeing your work through.

Commitment means sticking with something – for better or worse, richer or poorer.

True commitment never needs to be vocalized. It’s visible in everything you do and every action you take. If you really are committed, no one will ever ask you about it. The answer will already be evident.


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