What an amazing week!

Being an Olympic torch bearer was truly humbling as I carried the torch and looked at its flame thought back to the journey my parents made when leaving Germany to come to Canada after WWII. I phoned and thanked my Mom for her choice and she cried as she talked about leaving her family to come to Canada. She followed my Dad 2 years after he came
to prepare a place for her. The goal my parents set was one of vision and faith. They wanted to raise their family in the best place on earth. My phone call was the icing on the cake for my mom.

I was inspired in 1988 by watching the torch come through my home town near Calgary and by being an Olympic volunteer for the next two weeks. That was a turning point in my life. The spirit that was sparked in me to give back to my community has only grown since. I have found that the more I give the more rewards come my way.

I learned about myself through the years of joining and chairing many committees. My interpersonal leadership skills were being honed every day. I wanted to take my skills to the next level. How could I give even more. I knew I needed to follow my Dad’s advice and find the
best of the best.

” What was I waiting for?”

I found the best leadership training with Rapport Leadership International, through personal coaching with Corrine McElroy at the Edge of Change and also with Mastery Group coaching. I exceeded my own expectations and the unexpected rewards are still rolling in. I just want to give more of myself to help others.

I jumped at the chance to be a part of the 2010 Olympic games by being part of the Spirit of BC Community committee. This was a community networking organization designed by the Government of BC to support bringing the benefits of the Olympics to all parts of BC. As the chair my vision was to ensure that my community received maximum benefit. I fully participated in the yearly sessions in Vancouver and was then asked to MC the final two day Summit.

Like the perfect storm my passion for the Olympic games, my personal leadership skills and my
vision to make BC the best place on earth to live came together. The Summit was the last one before the Games, the reason our committees were formed and the energy and spirit came into alignment with amazing results for the best Summit ever!

Expect the unexpected!

Months later I received a phone call from the Spirit of BC to inform me that I was being given the honor to carry the Olympic torch all I had done for the organization. I was overcome with emotion. I had always believed that I would be carrying the torch and it just came true. Your dreams have  way of showing up in ways you never expect when you follow your passions.

Discovering your true passion and reaching it requires guidance and support from the best. Through goal setting and implementing a strategy with the guidance of Corinne McElroy and the wisdom of your fellow Mastery members gets you out of your comfort zone and moving toward your dreams.

My goal to be a professional speaker and author are happening at an amazing pace. I do not always know HOW to get there and it is incredible when the experts you need find you. Stay focused on your dream and strive to get there. When you have passion and a vision you will find a way to attain it.

What are you waiting for?

Allen Kessler



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