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Leadership Coaching Testimonials. We understand leaders like you are driven to exceed organizational goals and lead high-performing teams, yet you want to do so without compromising your values or burning out. Our coaches take everything you already know about leadership and help you practically apply it to your unique situation. We have the experienced coaches and proven structure to maximize your effectiveness in work and life.

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Darcy McGraw AVP Country Home Loan Underwriting

I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Corinne.  I was looking for a way to add more tools to my “effective leader” tool box and Corinne gave me exactly what I needed.  She helped me think bigger than myself and really get out of my own head.  With the tools I have now, I’m a more authentic and present leader.  I think through my responses vs being re-active.  A practice that I started with Corinne and I’m still doing today is taking time to reflect on what has been going well, what should I stop doing and what do I need for things to go even better.  It’s amazing what insight you gain from this practice.  I highly recommend Corinne to anyone looking for guidance on how to be more, be better and live more authentically.  Whether that’s in your work life or home life, Corinne will help you meet your goals.

Darcy McGraw
AVP Country Home Loan Underwriting | Darcy.McGraw@e-farmcredit.com
1601 UPS Drive Louisville, KY 40223
T 502-420-3893 F 502-420-3593 Internal 53893 | e-farmcredit.com

Anne Marie Levis Funk/Levis & Associates

“I feel like Corinne is the best-kept secret in the Eugene community. So much so that I almost don’t want other businesses to know my secret! That said, working with Corinne has been amazing. I’ve grown as a business leader tremendously and found new ways to look at issues that have helped to move my business to a whole new level. Her insights and thoughtful exercises have helped me as a leader for my team. I’ve appreciated her guidance through each step of this coaching process.”
Anne Marie Levis
President/Creative Director
Funk/Levis & Associates

Dale Taylor Dale’s Heating and Air Inc.

Corinne, Thank you for working with my team for the last 1 ½ years.  Together with your help we made huge strides in our communications as a company, without your help it would have been a very tough year.  We had to go through finding the right team members and work through our office being blown away by local tornados, which made it tough to keep our focus on work and all of our customers happy. With your help our communication skills improved and we came out of 2011 a strong and well communicating team ready to meet our goals in 2012.
Dale Taylor
Dale’s Heating and Air Inc.

Mark “Flash” Dixon Whole Foods Market-SW Region

Dear Corinne,
I wanted to write you this letter to express how grateful I am to have experienced coaching with you. Not sure where to begin so I will simply express myself from the heart. I look back at our first gathering at Eagle Quest. At that training I discovered something powerful and that was the “vultures”. The noise in my head that tells me I’m not good enough, smart enough, not deserving, and such. As you and I entered this coaching partnership little did I know that I would confront my vultures in a powerful way. Together we explored this and after a few sessions I found myself at a fork in the road. It was time to take a stand and make a choice. Through that experience I chose a path that would put my “vultures” at bay and allow me to move forward in my life. Through our coaching sessions I learned: I am indeed powerful. I have huge impact in the world. I choose to make a difference every day. Through my leadership I am making a difference in the world and at Whole Foods Market. And…I have gained the skills and insights to keep this alive. Because of your incredible coaching skills both you and I have agreed to an ongoing partnership and look forward to see what levels I (and you) achieve. In the end, you can count on a very positive reference for other clients should you need this.
Thanks again, for your coaching and helping me succeed and achieve the next levels in my journey!”
Mark “Flash” Dixon
Whole Foods Market-SW Region

Susan Walsh, Ph. D. Committed Partners for Youth

Edge of Change has been instrumental for me as the leader of a non-profit organization that has gone through tremendous re-structuring.  A year ago, our locally grown, grassroots youth mentoring organization merged with a national social service organization, resulting in the need to develop systems for managing a new board governance model.  Corinne McElroy worked with the leaders of our staff and board to design an efficient and highly effective board retreat process where every board member walked away empowered about how they personally will contribute to the success of the organization.  As a result of this process, the agency has a practical road map for how we will work together as a team to reach our strategic goals.  We look forward to our continued leadership development work with Edge of Change to ensure our organization’s sustainable, healthy future.
Susan Walsh, Ph. D.
Executive Director
Committed Partners for Youth
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lane County
Eugene Oregon

Sydney Shook The Arc Lane County

“Corinne, thank you for helping us to organize and execute our Cafe community forum event. You were an integral part in making the event successful. The element we appreciated the most was the prep work/homework you had us commit to. Without your leadership and experience to guide us to make clear concise goals for the event, the quality of the outcomes would have been significantly less impactful for our organization.”
Sydney Shook
Program Development
The Arc Lane County

Patrick Goebel Star Lumber & Supply Co., Inc.

“…She was tough when she needed to be, she was quick to encourage me and she was very good at recognizing my successes along the way. The high point was when she had encouraged me to be passionate and to design an alliance with my entire division of over 200 people at an all division meeting designed to communicate and motivate the team through some tough times. I don’t believe I would have ever had the courage before to do what I did at that meeting but through coaching sessions with Corinne McElroy I felt inspired and a responsibility to do so.  She was always very in tune with what was going on around me in my life and making sure that we were talking about issues that would have immediate impacts. I believe she has the ability to tailor each coaching relationship to what each person needs. She has an amazing ability to listen and there were many times I simply forgot we were on a phone line and felt she was right there with me.”
Patrick Goebel
VP, Sales & Marketing, Building Materials Division
Star Lumber & Supply Co., Inc.
Wichita, KS

Kari Burg, COO David A. Noyes & Assoc.

At a transitional point in my life, having left a career of 15 years, I found Corinne.  She helped me find myself again at this pivotal time in my life.  Each one of our sessions got me thinking at a deeper and deeper level.  There was no hiding or slacking as Corinne would hold me accountable and keep me working hard.  I found that doing the one-on-one coaching and then concurrently with a 4 month Mastery Group session brought it all to a whole new level.  While the one-on-one coaching got me really to focus on myself, the Mastery Group was a way to further explore my values and put them to use with a very specific 120 day goal.  The Mastery group was powerful and the people I worked with are very supportive.  I am so glad to have invested in myself with coaching.  What a difference in my life it has made and will continue to make!
Kari Burg, COO
David A. Noyes & Assoc.
Chicago, IL

Iva Keatt MARIS Machine Works Inc.

“I have worked together with Corinne for approximately five years and throughout these years she has encouraged and instilled so much positive energy that I am still spinning from all that energy.  Her dedication and devotion, her calmness and her wisdom, never seized to amaze me.  She has been very instrumental in working together with myself and my family in establishing our individual core values and our alliance together as a company.
One of the latest coaching sessions I participated in was through the Mastery Group, and I was introduced to four very powerful women, and together we shared both professional and personal interests, ideas, experiences and practices.  I have gained so much knowledge and strength through Corinne’s coaching sessions and they have changed my life to a better way of thinking and living.  I thank you Corinne from the bottom of my heart, and I am grateful for having met you.”
Iva Keatt
MARIS Machine Works Inc.
Brampton  Ontario  Canada

G. Cameron Norbert Whole Foods Market

“It’s hard of me to reflect back on the person I was prior to coaching, because I have gained so much through this process that it really feels like I’m seeing the world for the first time. Edge of change helped me define and reinforce my internal view of leadership in order to further my connection and influence with the world around me. I have a deeper understanding of the joy, value and impact I bring, not just in business, but in all areas of my life. I have held leadership roles for many years, but it took working with Edge of Change to show me how to truly be a leader.”
G. Cameron Norbert
Learning & Development Coordinator
Whole Foods Market – Pacific Northwest Region

Christien Coors Ficeli MillerCoors

I started working with Corinne over 3 years ago.  When we first started working together, she asked me what my goal with our coaching was.  I told her my goal was to work her out of a job.  And, after the first 10 hours, I could have walked away with a whole new take on life, love, and sense of self.  When I started with Corinne, I was in a really tough place.  I had been through the ringer several times and my self-esteem had been torn to shreds.  She helped me look at all the great qualities inside me, not anything anyone else thought, just who I was and what I stood for.  I always say to friends, she brought the woman I am out again.  She taught me to love myself.  She helped me realize that I am a strong powerful woman, and that no one can take that away from me.
After the first 10 hours, I was fascinated and wondering where else we could take this and if I could ever reach my “high dream”, you know, that one thing that you strive for.  That goal you have always wanted to reach and has sat in the back of your mind for years.  I have surpassed my high dream.  I have brought out the person I was meant to be.  I have focused on my values, my goals, my passion.  This was all possible because of the help, love and passion of Corinne.  She has stood by me through the ups and downs.  Every 2 weeks when I see her pop up on my calendar for our hour to talk, I have this high – it’s better than coffee!!  She reinvigorates me, she keeps me going and constantly reminds me of the wonderful woman I am.
I am so thankful to Corinne for all she has given me.  I am in a fantastic place right now, and even being in a fantastic place, I want to keep her in my life.  I can’t even imagine where we might go next but I am sure it will be another ride of my life!
Christien Coors Ficeli
Channel Marketing Director, On Premise

Gia Sawko Whole Foods Market

“I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Corinne. The hours we spent together changed my life! I learned so much about myself. She has a way about her that brings out the best in people. She works under the premises that all people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole which allows the person she is working with to pull out the answers themselves. She teaches the skill of navigating communication and bringing your best self to every situation. The best athletes and performers have a great coach. Corinne is that coach. She uses situations and your strengths to help attain your goals and accomplishments. She practices with you and gives you tools for future reference. With great intention, my time with Corinne has changed the way I think, respond and perform my job. I am so thankful to Corinne.”
Gia Sawko
Whole Foods Market
Sr. Coordinator, Global Legal Team
Global Claims and Safety Support Team Leader

Lori Murphy Blue Quill, LLC
“It’s hard for me to fathom that less than a year ago my goals were so elusive. I had just sold my business; after twenty plus years the challenges of running the business became routine. I didn’t know where I was going next and I was aware that I might wander aimlessly without conscious effort and direction. That is when I turned to coaching and met Corinne McElroy. Throughout my coaching experience with Corinne I came to realize that I was driven by passion, curiosity and love for helping and inspiring others. I discovered that what I left behind is the foundation for my future. Onto bigger and better things! Corinne helped me discover what inspires me to move forward and gave me the tools to stay aligned with the virues that give meaning to my life. I have new perspective of my journey and a multitude of lenses in my bag that enable me to see my progress from every angle.”
Lori Murphy
Blue Quill, LLC
Las Vegas, NV.
Joe Kaulbach Whole Foods Market

“I appreciate Corinne’s perspective of my challenges and ability to help me work through them. I am better at acknowledging my accomplishments, my team’s success, and the greatness of everyone around me. My relationships with friends and family are stronger. I have more appreciation for my blessings instead of guilt. Corinne provided tools, that work for me, to help me overcome obstacles. I have recommended Corinne’s service to others and will continue to do so. She is amazing!”
Joe Kaulbach
Specialty Team Purchasing Coordinator
Whole Foods Market

Sharon Beckham Corporate Life to Equine Facilitated Learning & Life Coaching

Corinne inspired growth and change within me that has lasted over 10 years. Her crafted process met me where I was, led me out of the dark and taught me to continue my pursuit to evolve, and not be afraid to ask myself the challenging questions that would lead me forward.
Corinne demonstrated deep compassion while guiding me to self-discovery and accountability to allow me to achieve my goals. She connected me to a deeper understanding of who I am, to explore possibilities, and inspired me to believe that there is a new way to live with peace and calmness and purpose.
Thank you for setting my foundation and providing ongoing support and insight on my journey.
Sharon Beckham
From Corporate Life to Equine Facilitated Learning & Life Coaching
Missouri to Colorado and Beyond
Wherever my journey and guidance shall move me to share my connection.

Tiffany McNeil Plum Organics

“My time with Corinne was extremely useful. She helped me understand how I’m driven at a macro level and how to navigate some day-to-day challenges. Most importantly, she encouraged (forced?) me to set goals and held me accountable to them. Having someone to answer to really helped me stay focused.”
Tiffany McNeil
Director, Mission, Strategy & Insights
Plum Organics

Russ Ruby Whole Foods Market

During the past year our senior leadership team began working with Corinne and Mike from Edge of Change. They have an excellent reputation and track record from working with several regions at Whole Foods and we wanted their expertise to help our senior leaders work together more effectively.
Our team was going through a transition, and we had several new team members from outside the region and company. There were also role changes for existing team members who were transitioning into new positions. We were facing several major initiatives from our Global team and needed to come together and act in unison to serve our region.
Edge of Change has helped us understand how to work effectively as a leadership team. Their assessments, team coaching, and individual coaching has improved the trust level and communication within the team. We practice the feedback model at every level and have open and honest dialogue. Our ability to think and act as one team has improved our ability to implement program changes and company initiatives.
We are now operating effectively and recently posted the best operating performance the region has produced. We also created a program with Edge of Change for new Store Team Leaders that provides them with individual leadership and team coaching. Our new Store Team Leaders appreciate the leadership coaching and are already using the communication tools with their store teams.
If your company is facing challenges managing change, the leadership skills that Edge of Change provides could be very beneficial. They assess the situation and customize programs to meet your needs. Edge of Change helps our region perform at many levels and are a valuable resource.
Russ Ruby
Region Vice President
Pacific Northwest
Whole Foods Market

Claire Sigler Allen Hall Public Relations

Corinne gave an awesome presentation at our first Allen Hall Public Relations meeting of the year. I learned a lot about myself and my personal leadership style. Her presentation gave me a new perspective on how to work efficiently with my fellow group members and things that I can do to improve myself personally. Corinne is such a natural coach and I really enjoyed my time with her. I would highly recommend her to any team that is looking to learn more about each other, themselves, and how to work better together.
Claire Sigler
Professional Development Director at Allen Hall Public Relations