The other day I was at the grocery store while checking out I noticed a sign at the counter that read “for every lb that they would match a lb” I didn’t understand what it meant so I ask the man that was checking my groceries “what does this sign mean”, this was his response… “I have no idea they KEEP US IN THE DARK… I DIDN’T GET THE MEMO ON IT” at first I just looked at him a little shocked. He really thought he was being cute… I said, really you do not know what it means? So he repeated himself again. “Really they keep us in the dark here. They do not tell us what is going on.

When we were done and all was said I walked out of the store really bothered for two reasons…

1.    I wonder how many people he had told that to in his 6-8 hour shift?  There were at least 4 of us in line that were paying attention to what he was saying.  I thought to myself he made him self look bad, management look bad and the store look bad… Really what it comes down to he was telling me he did not give a shit about his job.   I also thought about whatever the purpose of that message on the sign, I would hope was for a good cause, I might have been interested and willing to help out, and most likely would have.  How many others would have too…? Another impact of his unwillingness.

2.    I was also mad at myself for not saying more, like, what do you mean you do not know. You work here, isn’t it your responsibility to know?

How often we play the card that it is not my responsibility, I am just an employee and then expect to be treated with respect from our employers and others around us…

It’s not enough to just show up to work.  You must stand out at work to differentiate yourself and your company.

When you stand out, people notice you, they talk about you and they tell others. Standing out doesn’t take a lot of time and money.

Standing out is about doing the little things that show people you care about your job and you care about them.

So besides wanting to talk to the manager about coming into his store and  doing team building training and coaching,  I am asking myself to reflect on where do I pawn off things that are my responsibilities and how I can stand out more.

How will you take personal responsibility and stand out?  Come up with your own unique ways and let us know how it goes.

Wishing you the best always,
Corinne McElroy

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