Tips That Can Help You Tune In

Emotional intelligence is like rapport. With emotional intelligence you are able to tune in to the behavior and emotions of others and make adjustments so the relationship flows.

You see it when teams work well together.  They move in sync, in rhythm.

For some, this comes naturally, and for others it requires a conscious effort.   However, the payoff is worth the effort.
People who have good rapport with others:

  • experience increased happiness,
  • solve problems more creatively,
  • perform at a higher level, and
  • are more fulfilled.

In a world filled with techno-communication at unprecedented speeds, it is easy to understand why some psychologists predict we are losing our ability to develop rapport–even with the people we care most about.  Do not let that happen to you or the people you are leading. Here are some tips that can help you tune in to those around you to build rapport and create meaningful relationships:

  • Look people in the eye. Rapport is strengthened when eyes lock.
  • Show real interest in others. Stop what you’re doing and be an enthusiastic listener.
  • Ask questions to help others open up.
  • Enjoy comfortable silence. You do not always need to talk to connect.
  • Show appreciation for small, routine things as well as big accomplishments.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings.

As you practice building rapport today, be on the lookout for others doing the same.  Notice the flow.

Continually grow your emotional intelligence by paying attention to the physical and emotional rhythms of those around you and be prepared to make smooth adjustments as needed to honor others and yourself.

When that happens, life flows like a well-rehearsed melody.

How can you tune in today for better connections with others?