In Loving Memory

Somehow it doesn’t feel right saying “Happy Memorial Day”.

Happy is not how I would describe remembering the deaths of almost  1.4 million Americans that died while in service to our country during one conflict or another.

I’m happy to be alive. I’m happy to have friends and family to spend my life with. I’m happy for the day off so I can have a barbecue. I’m happy that I can pursue even more happiness because of the freedom that was won and is still fought for by those serving today. Even more than happy I’m grateful.

I’m happy, I’m proud and I’m grateful, to be and live in America.

Remember the fallen, thank those that have served, pray that those now serving come home whole, and in gratitude, fly the Flag on Memorial Day.

Have a Grateful Memorial Day. Celebrate the pursuit of happiness.

We will too.

The team at Edge of Change