What Makes a Meaningful Relationship?

Brian Tracy said…“Eighty percent of life’s satisfaction comes from meaningful relationships.

Is it true? Is 80% of our life satisfaction, which to me translates to happiness and fulfillment, depending upon our meaningful relationships? With the emphasis on meaningful…

The more I think about this, the undeniable answer is YES… We have many relationships in our lives; the relationship we have with ourselves, the relationships we have at work, in our businesses, and in our social and personal lives. The environment we create around us is not just in the amount of messy paperwork we have on our desks, it is also in the relationships we have, who we surround ourselves with.

Do those relationships energize us or deplete us? This is a great question to be asking ourselves repeatedly through-out our lives.

As I took myself through the list of relationships it created other questions like: Why is this person in my life? What is the lesson that wants to be learned? Is there an undeserving request wanting to be fulfilled? I will be pondering that one for a while.

This can be a tough question to ask. For when we dig deep into our relationships, decisions will need to be made.

I can remember as a child my mother telling me to be careful who I hung out with. I listened even if I did not always heed the words. Now that I am older I have a higher understanding of what she was working on teaching me, and still, I do not always heed the words.

This reminds me of the movie Jerry Maguire where Jerry tells Dorothy “You complete me”. As humans we want, and need, that connection and at times we look to others to help us feel complete. I believe the power in the “meaningful” part of relationships is in the understanding that all relationships start with the relationship we have with ourselves, and then stem out from there. This is the key.

Share your thoughts below in the comments. Your share will help others.

To your success and happiness,

Corinne McElroy