It’s Time to Drop the Perfectionism

Do you hold yourself to high standards for everything? If so, you’re not alone. Most gifted people strive for perfection.

What if inflexible standards are slowing you down and holding you back?

There’s evidence that constant perfectionism can get in the way of a happy and productive life. It’s connected to procrastination, low productivity, and depression.

More often than not, continual high standards aren’t needed for us to succeed in life. Think about people like Einstein, Oprah, Walt Disney and Bill Gates. These famously accomplished people have reported that they owe their achievements to their unstoppable nature and willingness to make mistakes.

The trick is to recognize when high standards are necessary and when they actually get in the way of innovation, efficiency and fulfillment. Getting to the place of good enough on most tasks and projects allows us to get more done without compromising quality. This open minded approach allows for creativity, innovation and fun.

Freedom from perfection starts with flexibility, compassion and faith in self. Remember that you are good enough as you are. You are intrinsically valuable.

The next time you notice that you’re driving yourself hard, procrastinating on projects or tasks, or feeling self critical about your accomplishments, ask yourself:

“Am I holding myself to standards that aren’t needed in these circumstances?”

“What would good enough look and feel like?”

Breathe. Open up your heart and mind. Think flexibly about your project or task and let your standards relax.  Work the “good enough approach” for your day to day tasks and reserve your high standards for rare and special circumstances.

You’ll not only get more done, you’ll also feel motivated to do more!

To your success and happiness
Corinne McElroy CPCC, ORSC


Really, Again!

I want to share a personal story with you.

You know, if you have been on my newsletter emails or read the last blog post for at least the last 3 weeks that I sent out one about having courage and what will you do to make the last 100 days of the year the best ever…

Well, I am doing the same work and two days ago I pulled out my yearly plan to check in on how I was doing and did exactly what I tell my clients NOT TO DO and I put myself into effect big time.

I want to state first, that this Oct. 2015 Edge Of Change has been in business for 8 years. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and another big Yeahhhhh is that this year has been a record year with a 48% growth so far… And, that is pretty darn awesome.

BUT instead of looking at all the wonderful things we have been doing right I looked at the 2015 plan and went to EVERYTHING we have NOT been doing and the things we are NOT doing right…

REALLY I did, and then I went to total meltdown… Believe me it was not a pretty sight, and by the time I was deep into it even the picture on my office wall was not hanging right and pissing me off and EVERYONE around me knew it.

Here is the thing, I know this lesson, I train and coach on looking for what is right and what is working first and I still went into what wasn’t working before I explored what was working so I could have celebrated and gathered all the gold nuggets from that important information…

After I settled down and took a deep breath I started questioning what happened. What I noticed was an old belief getting in my way; “ALL I have to do is learn it once and POOF! It/ME is all better”…that once I learn a lesson, I’m done with it. I can move on.

Well, sometimes the lessons come back again. What if they are meant to come back again and again? Lessons I mean.

What if self-discovery and growth isn’t a point A to point B kinda journey? ​

The universe seems to throw us curves from time to time to see if we have really learned the lessons.

I know that growth is a process over time and with each growth stage we can recognize the lessons when they rear their ugly head again.

For myself personally, I notice them faster and when I have gone over to the dark side, I adjust faster and look for solutions faster…

Can you relate?

Where are you possibly beating yourself up because you feel you are not learning fast enough?

Please share what is happening for you.. It really does help others.

To your success and happiness,
Corinne McElroy