The Emotions that Come with Change

When an external event happens that causes a shift in your world, you also have an internal response.

With external change, we internally may experience a whirlwind of emotions. Regardless of the circumstance, your first reaction may included feelings such as vulnerability, uncertainty, anxiety or fear.

If you feel it is an negative change, you may experience emotions such as disbelief, anger, sadness or panic.

There are also changes that we look forward to such as a new relationship, a promotion, feeling accepted or a new baby in the family, that bring about more positive emotions such as expectancy, excitement, acknowledgment, freedom and anticipation.

Whether the circumstance is voluntary or involuntary, positive or negative, we will have an internal response to our external event.

When you experience change, remember to acknowledge your internal responses whatever they are and accept them as a normal part of the process.

To your success and happiness,