Tips for Managing Change

Throughout life, change will always be our constant companion.  We will have changes that we make happen, and changes that are thrust upon us and are out of our control.

Despite its inevitability, change still makes us feel anxious and uncertain.  It’s not that we need less change in our lives, instead, we get to learn to adjust our perspective about change so that we can effectively manage it when it happens.

Here are a few tips for handling life’s changes with grace and ease:

  1. Realize that change causes stress.  Therefore to minimize the stress, identify what you can control, what you can influence and what you cannot.
  2. See the change as an opportunity rather than a bad situation.
  3. Keep your eye on your long-term goals.  The circumstances of the present situation can distract you from your goals. So remind yourself that things will be different once you get through the change.
  4. Be open to what can be learned from the change, and ask yourself “What can this experience teach me?”

The one change you can expect is that things are going to change. Using these few simple strategies can help you smoothly navigate your next change.

To your success and happiness