Last week we spoke about measuring productivity in your business in addition to the more traditional financial measurements.

 This week we want to introduce you to another hugely important measure of the strength of your business – positivity.

 Healthy measures of positivity lead to productivity and profitability improvements. Additionally, by increasing the the measures of positivity within your business you can reap all these rewards:

  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased receptivity to communication
  • An inspired and motivated team
  • Easier conflict resolution
  • Greater risk taking by individuals, teams, and your overall business
  • Increased stakeholder buy-in and goodwill
  • Process improvements and product innovation through nurtured creativity
  • Increased organizational vitality
At Edge of Change, we use a team diagnostic assessment to measure positivity in a business. We have identified seven different markers of positivity in business and score the health of a company based on these strengths.
How would your team stack up? And even take this out of the workplace and ask how your family measures up, your community, and even on the personal level – where do you stand with these productivity strengths?
  1. Optimism: The team has an inspiring shared vision. They are enthusiastic, forward-looking, and appreciative of each other. There are low levels of cynicism, pessimism, helplessness, hopelessness, or dwelling in the past.
  2. Trust: It is safe on this team to speak your mind, openly without fear of reprisal. We can count on each other; we are reliable. We tell the truth even if it is uncomfortable or unpopular.
  3. Respect: There is an atmosphere of mutual respect and genuine positive regard. Contempt and hostility are not tolerated. We empower other members of the team to contribute their best.
  4. Communication: Clear and efficient communication is valued over less direct approaches such as politicizing, gossiping, or stonewalling.
  5. Constructive Interaction: Conflict is seen as providing an opportunity for discovery, growth, and creativity. The team avoids criticizing, defensiveness, and finger-pointing. Giving and receiving of feedback on this team is specific and timely.
  6. Camaraderie: There is a strong sense of belonging to the team. The team celebrates and acknowledges accomplishments. Empathy, playfulness and humor are present.
  7. Values Diversity: The team is open-minded and values differences in ideas, backgrounds, perspectives, personalities, approaches, and lifestyles. Diversity is considered vital.

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