What a wonderful way to show Thanksgiving with an attitude of kindness.

When we make an effort everyday to make a difference in someone else’s life even the smallest things can be so big and mean so much.

Smiling at someone, telling someone they are doing a great job,  sending a “Thinking of You” greeting card or email,  paying for someone else’s cup of coffee behind you when you are ordering yours, calling just to say “I love you”,  sending an anonymous donation to a charity, when your in a conversation with someone who wants to be right, let them,  puting a quarter in a parking meter that has expired,  picking up litter in a neighbors yard,  leaving a thank you note for someone,  dropping off unused toys and games at the homeless shelter.

What a great way to “BE”.  Doing things because it feels good.

Start your own list of ideas and begin today putting them into your life.

When we  do nice things for others it gives us fulfillment, as well as the people we are showing kindness to.  It’s a win-win situation.  Small acts of kindness add up to a world of difference.

I wish you Happy Thanksgivings,
Corinne McElroy


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