“The Greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”. ~ Moliere

I am feeling anxious these days, excite and at the same time very anxious. When I am feeling like this I know there is a change waiting to happen.

Something is or has been brewing inside and action needs to take place. Being at an edge we get to make decisions. The decision to stay put, go back, or move forward. In all of these decisions there are opportunities and challenges that can and will happen.

It is a time to check in and do the work. The inner work.

A tool that I use to help me do this is to start looking at what I am or have been working to create. What have I been avoiding? What conversations need to  happen? What commitments need to be made? Looking at opportunities that are in front of us how can we see them with a different perspective that will help us make the decision and move forward.

I get very excited about new directions. It is amazing the emotional growth that comes with a decision.

  • Ask yourself these questions:What have I been thinking about and have not made the decision to do or not to do?
    What do i want?
    What about it is important to me?
    What difference will it make for me, and the people around me?
    What if I don’t make the decision? Then what?
    What if i do make the decision? Then what?
    How soon do I want it?

Answer these questions and take action. Trust yourself and commit to  your personal success.

I am here to partner with you through this process. Give me a call 541-344-8639 or email Corinne@edgeofchange.com


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