A New Year is, when it comes right down to it, arbitrary.  In truth, it is nothing more than a changing date, another day passing. Yet the significance we attach to the changing of the year affects all of us more than any other day passing. The reason for this? It reminds us to look backward at the past year and to look forward into the next year. We tend to think back over all the change brought by a single year and to honestly reflect on our life. We also feel that a New Year offers us the chance to do something differently, to move forward to our next goal in life, or make little corrections for the course we are currently on. I think that we need more “New Years” throughout the year. We need to set aside time to reflect on our lives and look at our future regularly instead of just once every year.

We often overlook the little things that have added to our success. We get so focused on whether or not we have achieved a big goal that the small accomplishments get forgotten. By making a commitment to  think about our lives more than once a year we will have the opportunity to remember and celebrate everything that has occurred. Some people manage to do this every night in a journal, most of us however only manage to do it every couple of months or after we have accomplished a big goal.

This year, I challenge you to set a “New Year’s Resolution” and capture the energy of the New Year each month (or more). Set reminders in your email or write it down in your day planner.  Since taking the time to write something down is so powerful I suggest getting a new blank book that you dedicate to this practice.  Start with your reflections of 2009 and your goals for 2010. Then once per month notice the little things you have done to accomplish those goals and any other successes you have.

This practice will enable you to notice that you have smiled more in the past month, or that you haven’t been sick. You will be able to focus on how many positive health choices you have made rather than thinking about how far away you feel from your major goal this year. Think about your professional life too. Even if you haven’t earned a promotion, what have you been able to do? Did you accomplish a major project? Have you taken on a new responsibility. With family have you and your teenage daughter/son had a heart to heart recently? Have you taken the time to help a young child with a project or have you done something to support those children that have left the nest to pursue their own dreams? What has changed for you in the time since you last wrote in this journal?

This practice, more than any other, will keep you focused and grounded throughout the year and will keep you in the moment by reminding you of those special moments. I look forward to sharing with you in all of your successes in the new year.

Coaches Challenge:

Get your journal, set your dates and send me an email with your commitments.  I will be available to you throughout the year as you continue on this practice and will hold you accountable to it.  At this time next year, you will have a record of 2010 that will serve you in 2011 and beyond!


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