I have been very blessed this year.
After 10 years of working with one of the best of the best Leadership Training Companies,
Rapport Leadership Int

I stepped out and went full time in my own coaching business
Edge Of Change.

Throughout this journey I learned some important things about myself and others. I want to share with you in hopes that they may bless and inspire you as they have me.

1. Believe in yourself– It is wonderful when others tell you “you can do it” -and until “you believe you can” you will have a very hard time exceeding. Feel powerful and confident.  Know that what you say and do makes a difference.

2. Connection is important -Yes you can exceed alone.  It isn’t as much fun.  With others supporting you you will get there faster and happier.

3. Be abundant- You have no competition. There is enough business out there for everyone. Be willing to share your learning’s with others-
“Givers  Gain”

4. Honor your Core Values- Knowing what your core values are and using them as your compass will keep you on track. Embrace who you are.  Acknowledge that you have value to offer. Step into it, even if you are afraid.  When you step into it, you will act it, then you will believe it, and finally you will claim it.

5.  Always be growing – Be an expert in your own field and be willing to learn from others.  Read books, take classes, listen to training audios.  Invest in yourself.

6. Take time for yourself- Because that’s what matters most. At the end of the day, your health, well-being and the people you love are what is most important.

7. Make time for fun– Take that dream vacation. Go out with your friends. Meet new people and explore. It makes you a much happier and interesting person.

8. Be present– Being in the moment is very important. Transformation happens in the moment.

9. Results are inevitable-  Purpose and Intention + action = results. Time is the only X-factor…

10. Take action– Be OK with everything not being perfect. You will change it along the way as you grow and learn.  Listen to and ask for feedback. When you take action, your fear will minimize and your confidence raises.  JFDI… Just Focus and do it.

11. It is OK to fail– I have a new saying (they can’t eat me) This is a biggie. The more risks you take the more successes you will have – and the more failures too.  Fail some so that you can see that you won’t die and the world won’t come to an end when you fail.  Whew!

12. Reflect on your successes– So many times we focus on “what we didn’t do, or what didn’t happen” Notice what actions, attitude and behaviors helped you to be successful.  Remember to Celebrate!

13. Be OK with a little sacrifice – Building a business is hard work. You have to be prepared to make short-term sacrifices for the long-term gain.

14. Keep your word– Be a person of high integrity – If you don’t, it will bite you in the butt some day in some way.  Guaranteed.

15. Trust your Intuition– You really do always know your answers.

I hope you find these takeaways to be as helpful and insightful for you as they are for me.  May we take these lessons into 2010 to find even more success, prosperity and fulfillment.

What are your top 15 Takeaways for 2009?

Wishing you the best always,

Corinne McElroy


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