Speedometer ticking up to About this time of year many of us have lost track of the goals we set at the start of the year. Life has gotten in the way of our best made plans in many cases and in others we just seemed to have lost the momentum we started the year with. Take some time now for a quick mid-year goal review that will get you back on the road to accomplishment in five easy steps.

1)    Forgive Yourself
You may have fallen behind, or even temporarily quit working on meeting some goals, yet self-flagellation and pity will not get you any closer to achieving anything you had planned to for the year – on the contrary it will only make you fall further behind. So take a deep breath and simply recommit yourself to accomplishing the goals you have chosen for yourself.

2)    Re-Evaluate
Perhaps some of your goals were made simply because in the spirit of the New Year you made goals just to make them. As time has gone by however you have discovered that you simply lack the motivation or passion to complete them. Alternately, life circumstances may be dramatically different now than they were six months ago. It could be that you just learned that your family will be getting a new addition or that you have changed careers. Goals must provide us with the opportunity to grow, and that means that any goal we have outgrown for one reason or another must be crossed off our list. Clean up your goals so that they reflect only those things that prove most important to your life as it is now, and those things that you are most passionate about.

3)    Make Additions
Just as some goals need to be cut from your list, you may have new goals to add for now. Take a moment to think about anything you need to include and ensure that you have done so before moving on.

4)    Make It Actionable
With your revised and improved goals in hand, make it a point to refine ambiguous goals. Any goal that does not correlate to a specific action fits into this category. For example, many of us have the goal to increase our client list. This goal, while important and admirable, doesn’t provide us with the specific action items we need to do in order to accomplish that goal. It could be that we hire an assistant, commit to making 10 more calls per day, or create a better referral process. Look at every goal and make sure it consists of action items that can be crossed off. This applies to our bigger goals as well – such as doubling our yearly income. Instead of just giving a number write down the means you will use to accomplish this end.

5)    Schedule It
Pull out your planner and pencil in the time you will need to achieve your goals, or deadlines for accomplishing a piece of it. Perhaps you have decided you want to go hiking more often – get out your pencil and set aside some Saturdays to go hiking. If you have decided to hire an assistant take out your planner and decide when you will have placed an ad, when you will have completed interviews, and so on. By making the commitment now, you avoid the common problem of losing motivation part way through.

Now it’s time to take action. Choose someone whom you trust and send your revised list of goals and action steps to them. Ask them to hold you accountable by asking you if you have accomplished the steps toward your goal that you have committed to. As always, feel free to send these over to your coach with Edge of Change.  We would love to be your accountability partner.

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Wishing you the best always,
Corinne McElroy CPCC, ORSC


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