Two weeks ago we introduced the idea of measuring productivity in your business in addition to the more traditional financial measurements.

Last week, we spoke about the means of measuring positivity in your business.

Now, let’s bring the two together to talk about peak performance. You cannot get peak performance from a productive yet negative team. Neither can you expect a positive team without high levels of productivity to perform at their best. It is the convergence of productivity and positivity that produce high performance teams.

At Edge of Change we offer the Team Diagnostic Assessment to businesses we work with. This incredible tool has foundations in the latest work on Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, change management, and team research that has been conducted at leading universities.

Using the Team Diagnostic Assessment tool, Edge of Change will guide your team through a five-step process that creates alignment and personal responsibility for maximum effectiveness. Your team members develop the mindset and skillset for creating and sustaining a fully engaged, inspired, high performing team.

To learn more about the assessment process and how Edge of Change can guide you through please visit our website here. 


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