From the last blog, The Value of  Self Discovery, you answered several questions to help you discover your strengths and passion, and determine what you want to achieve in all areas of your life.  Hopefully you were able to spend some reflective time asking yourself the questions I provided.  Now it is time to create the plan that will help you achieve your vision.

Today I will share with you how to take the revelations from your visioning experience and make them real. During the visioning process, you probably discovered some things about yourself that you would like to pursue. Here’s how to take the revelations and turn them into an actionable plan:

(1)    Ask yourself, “What’s most important?” – When you created your vision you wrote down many thoughts and goals. Some are long-term, and some you can begin to focus on immediately.  Some were big stretches, while others maybe just require some simple changes.  The key now is to prioritize what’s most important.

(2)    Ask yourself, “What do I want to work on now?” – There is not enough time in the day to work on everything that you want all at once, therefore you want to think about what you can begin to work on now. What changes can you make immediately? And what action steps can you take now towards the visions that will take longer to achieve? For instance, you may decide that your top three priorities are to “date” your spouse every week, lose 20lbs by summer, and buy a cabin in the mountains by 2012. The first priority is an immediate change. The second will be a process series of changes over time, which you can start now. And the third is a longer-term vision that is just as much a priority, and will involve more preliminary steps such as researching locations, prices, and setting up a savings plan.

(3)    Ask yourself, “What do I do first?” After you have answered #1 and #2, the next step is to determine what’s first. For the things you want to pursue now, write down what you will do and when. Get a babysitter, make reservations, stop by the gym at lunch, and hire a personal trainer by Friday. Complete these and write more action steps, and so on.

(4)    Be SMART with your goals – Clearly define your goals in detail using the SMART model. Ask yourself if your goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

(5)    Take action – It is now time to take action. Action is habitual. You are either in the habit of action or inaction. Take that first step, keep moving forward, and create a habit of action. You have come a long way up to this point, do not let anything hold you back. Start now.

(6)    Visualize what you want – Discovering, writing and planning your vision is one thing, and visualizing it is everything. You must take the time to see your vision, to experience it, and to feel yourself in it. Make it a multi-sensory experience – all in your mind’s eye. Get pictures of your goals and place them where you can see them. This is what the most successful people do to achieve their goals, and this will give you the upper hand for accomplishing what you desire.

(7)    Believe: Belief is another foundational principle to being able to realize your goals. It’s one thing to dream it, and it’s another thing to believe it can be so. Write down why you believe it can be so. Think about your goals in the present tense as if they are a reality. Use affirmations and meditations to build your belief. And do not give way to self-limiting thoughts.

(8)    Never give up: “If at first you don’t succeed, DO IT AGAIN!” You can not be beat unless you allow yourself to be beat, and quit. As long as you get back up, brush yourself off and go for it again when you experience a setback, you can not lose. If you can not lose, then the only other option is to win!

I hope you found this information to be helpful for creating an action plan to help you achieve your vision.  In the next Blog I will discuss the importance of taking Action with Traction.

Click on Comments below and share your vision and your action steps your doing.. It is one more way to commit to the life you desire~

Wishing you the best
Corinne McElroy


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