Client Success Story:

When I was asked to write about my success story, I had to stop for a moment and think about my success. It started with a very scary first step.

It was the first snow of the season and my puppy, Marvin, sat on my bed and watched snow flake after snowflake fall from the sky. His little head would bob up and down as he focused on one flake at a time as it fell. I watched him study this spectacle for twenty minutes. During those twenty minutes a story was created.

My family and I talked and laughed about the little story for about a year. It wasn’t until  my husband came back from a writer’s retreat that he insisted I write the story and send it to an editor. So with fear and apprehension I did write the story and found an editor… and they liked the story!

Well, several steps later and another year, I finally could hold my first book in my hands. I savored the moment; I examined the cover, felt how smooth it was and took a deep breath and said to myself, “You did it, you really did it!” I cannot express the feeling I had holding my book for the first time.

There were times that I did not believe that this moment would come. There were times that I didn’t believe in my abilities or myself. There were days that I literally felt like every step I took forward, I took ten steps backwards. At the moment I held my book, all those steps, processes, and frustrations melted away. I was seeing, and feeling, my goal come to life.

One day while visiting with a few friends, I received a very unexpected reward. I was encouraged by their interest and excitement that I had actually written and published a children’s book. I had a copy of my book, Marvin Discovers Snow, as I stood and listened to a friend read my book aloud, I was in awe at the expression on the listener’s faces and the face of the reader. They were truly delighted to be listening to the story. What I didn’t expect was the feeling of satisfaction, of accomplishment, I was excited by the expression each person had. I didn’t even think that just a simple expression could bring such an award. I enjoyed watching the audience and listening to the reader more that I enjoy reading my own stories aloud. When I started this journey to become a children’s author, I knew that I would feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as I read the story to groups of children and their parents. What I didn’t expect was the enjoyment of hearing my story being read by a friend. This was truly the unexpected reward of becoming a children’s author.

Whether you are an aspiring author or just want to lose some weight. It doesn’t matter what your goal or dream is, what matters is that you take your first step today! Surround yourself with a support group; research the next steps that are required to take you to your goal. Continue forward and learn from the challenges, seek out opportunities to attaining your goals and most of all believe in yourself.

Here’s to success in all your goals and dreams!   

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Kathryn Kessler
Children’s Author

Kathryn completed and published her book
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