It’s mind-blowing how little we can actually talk to our employees.

It’s actually normal to not hear anything about work that gets turned in – unless of course there is a mistake.

Get out and talk to other people. Let them know you are noticing what is going on. Be honest. This builds the critical trust required to create great communication all of the time.

And forget about using this time to just blow sunshine at people. Teams that hear a ratio of five positive comments for every one comment about how they can improve performed much better than teams that hear an average of two positive comments for every feedback for improvement. You can simply say “Nice work” or “Thanks, that really helps me out” and it will count as a positive comment.

As a rule, the more specific the praise, the more authentic it feels. Feedback for improvement gives others a chance to grow and get better. Without it teams get stagnant.

A practice of regular, consistent, appropriate feedback keeps you, your team, and your business on the same page.


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