Over the Thanksgiving holiday my mother and oldest daughter came to stay with my husband and I and our youngest daughter for a week.

My Mother is 70, I am 51, my 0ldest daughter is 25, and the youngest is 19. We each have our different personalities and at the same time traits that are very much the same.

The women in my family are very strong willed and compassionate –Four Leo women… I make a little joke about us – that it is hard at times because we all want to be the one on stage.

As in any relationship there is an energy that is created together.  As a coach I step back from time to time and wonder  what is working on happening within our relationship.  Four women all very powerful in their own right, wanting to stand out and be noticed for who they are and at the same time wanting to be part of the whole.

At times it can be difficult, there is a dance of balance and respect that always needs to be present.

There is a wisdom in the hierarchy of the grandmother,  the oldest daughter being the role of big sister sharing her own wisdom, and the fresh perspective of the youngest.  All of them I notice and cherish.

I am in the middle being the role of the daughter and the mother.

What an awesome place to be!

Corinne McElroy


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