The other day I overhead a couple of older women talking to each other and it really struck me when one of them noted that another Saturday was coming up. Listening to this, I knew that Saturday, for these women, was just another day that was going to pass until they eventually died. The waiting to pass on. and the counting of the days until that point, had become the main focus of their lives. This made me think about what Saturdays mean to the rest of us – for some, it is the day we live for. For others, Saturday holds significance because we know that we ought to be doing something other than working yet we get up and head into the office anyway. So what does Saturday mean to you? Is this meaning one that suggests an imbalance in your life?

Work/Life balance discussions often seem to center on younger women managing both a career and a household. We want you to know that this discussion will not be focusing on that specific challenge. The coaching staff at Edge of Change believes that this is a struggle everyone must confront on a day-to-day basis regardless of a personal or specific situation. Whether you are a woman or a man; a parent of young children, an empty-nester, or have not had children; and whether or not you are a high paid executive or a stay at home parent –every single individual balances different roles and often struggles to be successful in all roles at all times.

Balancing the demands of work with those of our families and those of our own selves is a need we all have in order to live a fulfilling life – a life that leads us to a place where we are not simply counting the days until we die, but one rich in exciting events that lead us to look forward to each day as an unique opportunity. In order to make authentic choices, we first need to examine the trade-offs of each choice we make. If, for example, we have a project to complete at work and we have a child’s soccer game to attend at the same time, we need to make a decision. The only way you can be honestly appreciative of the choice that you make in a situation such as this is by shining the light on all of the ways the choice will affect your life. What are you saying “yes” to and what are you then saying “no” to?

If you make authentic choices for yourself, your career, and your family on a consistent basis then you will not need to live for Saturday because you will be living for yourself at all times. Make a point to do this so you can look forward to every day – not just Saturday.

Coaches Challenge

Here is your challenge for this month, print out the following worksheet. For every choice you make this month write it down in the “yes” column and then write in what you are saying “no” to in the corresponding column. There will always be something you are saying “no” to whenever you say yes to something else. Be honest with yourself and you will be able to see clear patterns emerge and you will start to understand what it is that you truly need to do in order to find balance. Keep this worksheet handy as we will build on this process next month!

Click Here to Download Worksheet


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