Accepting changes in our life can be difficult. Even though the change may bring new opportunities, we often feel more comfortable with the ‘status quo.’  This often leads to resistance even though there is a promise for a better future.

The next time you feel resistant to change and you are having a difficult time accepting it, try making the change in small increments – one little bit at a time.

Here are 8 bits of wisdom to help you do that:
1. Acceptance of change does not have to be some big and formal event.
2. Change can happen in little ways.
3. Make changes in small increments – say, 10 percent.  10 percent doesn’t  sound like much, and its impact can be profound.
4. Our lives are actually filled with dozen of little changes happening around us and to us all the time, which hardly seems worth noting.  10% + 10% + 10% adds up.
5. Every one of the little changes in our life means that there are also little beginnings taking shape.
6. 10 percent is certainly something we can learn to accept in our lives when it comes to change.
7. It is OK to not think of change in terms of “all or nothing,” “100% or zero percent.”  Instead, think of accepting change in smaller doses.
8. Minor events can have major impacts.

Making small adjustments during a change can help to eliminate resistance and feel like you have more control.

Wishing you the best,
Corinne McElroy


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