Can you remember the last time you learned something new and really interesting about the people you do business with?

Be honest. If it hasn’t been that long it’s because you have good timing. Truthfully, most of us – especially business owners – get so focused on our to-do list that we completely ignore another important list. Our “To Learn” list.

Not only that, when we think about “learning” something it might be a new computer program or reading a book on a topic we are interested in. Yet important as all that is, it’s even also important to know what interests the people surrounding you. So your Tuesday challenge today:

Find someone you work with. If you are in an office this is easy, if you are a solo operation call or email a vendor or client. Find out three new things about them by getting curious about their life, their business, their interests…  Let them talk about something they’re excited about. And be present, interested, and engaged.

Do this with a different individual every day, and you not only broaden your horizons – you build trusting relationships which is the foundation upon which fantastic communication is possible.


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