Corinne you just do not understand, it is really lonely at the top.

I asked her why she felt lonely?

As she explained to me all the reasons I could hear the heaviness and burden she was feeling.

At times being a business owner it feels like we have to do everything all by ourselves.  We carry the heavy weight of making sure that everything is being done from the marketing, sales, employees to taking care of the clients.

We also get to take a look at how we are setting ourselves up to be lonely.

How are you showing up as a leader?

Do you allow others to feel they are a part of your team?  Do you share with your employees  your vision and goals for the company and ask them for ideas on how to make them a reality?

Sharing the vision, goals and strategies with  your employees, your team, allows them to understand how important their part is in the success of the company and there fore the success for themselves.

Do you speak to your family and ask them for their input and help?

This will help with the balance in your life and your business in so many ways by bringing in the people that love you to let them understand what you are working on and why.

Do you have peer groups, master mind groups and networking groups you are part of?

Having others that understand the challenges you are going through as a business owner and will share resources are powerful.

You do not have to do it all alone.   Be willing to reach out and ask for assistance.  Allow others to be part of the dream!

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