leader communicating vision

Have you been communicating the vision for your business on a regular basis? If you keep meaning to, yet find yourself mired in details take the time to develop a Vision Communication Schedule for your business.

Make a point to communicate the vision to all stakeholders in multiple ways each month. You could hold a once-per-month all company meeting or conference call. This connects everyone together and provides a natural platform to remind everyone of the big picture. Every week you could send out an email highlighting activity that moves the company closer to the vision. Perhaps, you could have key staff send out emails each week to the whole company detailing what their departments have been doing and how their work relates to the vision.

Most importantly, and I cannot emphasize this enough; inspire your stakeholders by openly sharing your passion for the dreams you have for the business. By living the vision through your actions and behaviors you set the example for your team and demonstrate on a daily basis your commitment to the vision.


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