help-smSometimes the challenges we have with ourselves, an employee or team member actually is because of a poor fit in the job or because our employee has a struggle with personal responsibility. However that is a rare scenario.

Most of the time, employee challenges with accountability relate to mistrust, fear, or plain-old misunderstandings with leadership.

Great news! You can build trust, accountability, and buy in for your dream and vision by taking the time to ask your employees some short questions. Oh, and having the courage to respectfully listen to the answers.

Take this approach. One by one meet with your employees and go through the questionnaire with them. Then ask them to do the same for their direct reports if applicable. Then, the next time a fire rages and you are called upon to put it out – instead of seeking someone to blame, ask the accountability questions again.

By practicing this behavior you gain employees willing to come to you with challenges and offer solutions themselves.

Accountability Coaching Questions

PS – Adjust the questions a tiny bit and you have a great system for working with children, spouses  – and even teenagers!


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