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Congratulations on taking action for yourself! Now it's time to find out if the skills provided by Edge of Change match what you are looking for in a coaching and training programs.

The best way for us to get to know each other is by scheduling a complimentary consultation.

During this session:

  • We will create a plan for achieving your goals.
  • We will uncover any challenges that could be slowing you down or sabotaging you.
  • You will leave with more energy and motivation to really make this happen.

The first step in preparing for a Complimentary Session is to schedule a date.


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Tiffany McNeil  Plum Organics 

My time with Corinne was extremely useful. She helped me understand how I’m driven at a macro level and how to navigate some day-to-day challenges. Most importantly, she encouraged (forced?) me to set goals and held me accountable to them. Having someone to answer to really helped me stay focused.
Tiffany McNeil 
Director, Mission, Strategy & Insights
Plum Organics 

Christien Coors Ficeli MillerCoors

I have brought out the person I was meant to be. I have focused on my values, my goals, my passion.  This was all possible because of the help, love and passion of Corinne...Every 2 weeks when I see her pop up on my calendar for our hour to talk, I have this high – it’s better than coffee!! "
Christien Coors Ficeli
Channel Marketing Director, On Premise

Russ Ruby Whole Foods Market

"...If your company is facing challenges managing change, the leadership skills that Edge of Change provides could be very beneficial. They assess the situation and customize programs to meet your needs. Edge of Change helps our region perform at many levels and are a valuable resource."
Russ Ruby
Region Vice President
Pacific Northwest
Whole Foods Market

Your Goals
Looking at the end first will help us understand what your goals are and why? Goals are at the core.
Knowing your goals will dictate the plan of action to achieve those goals. From day 1 to year 1
Goals, and a plan in hand, are the thinking part. Time to get busy with the hard work and we will be here to help you through the process.
Reaching milestones are a good time to celebrate and recognize your achievements. Small rewards along the path to your goal are the building blocks to reinforcing your success.