Last night my husband surprised me with a wonderful night out. We went to the Eugene Oregon Hult Center and witnessed three jazz legends, Chick Corea, Stanley Clark and Lenny White.  What a wonderful show.  Each of them is so talented in their area of expertise and together they truly jam.

I enjoyed watching  each of them in their solo time, their unique styles and how they shined.  And,  how they would bring it all back together to perform beautifully as one system.

I love music and most anything with this type of expression.  It awakens my soul and brings out my own creativity… I believe there is something special about watching a musician perform, it seems the more they get into full expression the more I want to move and cheer them on… There is an allowing and encouragement that takes place.  I see it not only in myself,  it is in everyone around me, as we become a part of the expression.

We love to witness the performers throw themselves into whatever they are doing.  At that moment it is not about how silly their faces look, how they might not move just right, how they are dressed, what body type they are,  it is about how they are fully expressing themselves and living in the moment.

Giving their all to us and we the audience acknowledge and cheer their willingness to let go and just “BE”… we are supportive in their expression.

What if?…  What if in our lives we were willing to be like that…No matter where we are, what we are doing or any role we are playing, at work with our co-workers, at home with our families and loved ones, with friends and yes even with strangers… What if the people around us would be willing to acknowledge us and celebrated our performance, our natural uniqueness and style.

What would be different for us as individuals and as a whole?

Today I am asking myself … What if?  What would and could be different for me.  How would I show up?  What would the impact be?

I might not spend so much time in front of the mirror to make sure each piece of hair was in perfect place.  I might tell more people about my wonderful ability to communicate and to help others feel comfortable to fully express their natural brilliance.  I might be willing to write more and not be so darn nervous I am saying the right thing at the right time.  I might even be willing to love more and support others for who they are without judgment.

I am noticing as I ask myself “What if” the question is changing to:

Who I believe I am, who I believe I am not, and who am I willing to “BE”

Corinne McElroy
At the Edge Of Change


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