“If you do what you’re always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
Anthony Robbins

This is so true…

And, what if you have always attained the result you wanted in the past and now what you’re doing isn’t working anymore?
The saying still fits though sometimes the surest way to failure is to rely on what has been  successful in the past.  The challenge is figuring out what or how to change for a new or different result.

This past week I was talking with a client. He was telling me how they are changing their approach, because of what is happening in our economy, they are going from a “selling value” approach to a “selling price” approach.
After about a 1.5-hour conversation with him I called a colleague of mine and discussed it with her and when she said, “If they do that it will change the company down to the CORE of who the company is”, it hit me big time, YES it will!
Wanting to create urgency (“We have to do something now!”) it seems we are making decisions and changes from a place of fear, and if that is one of a company’s core values then great.

OK, I am being a bit of a smart ass here.  However, I am serious.

In the conversation we spoke about what were some of the challenges from taking this approach, what is showing up behaviorally with their employees?  Not even mentioning or thinking about it at the time, how is and will it effect the customers.
They are noticing the employees are feeling confused, concerned their skill set will not be needed or used anymore and now they are the “stereotype” used car sales person. They are losing their pride and purpose in what they do.
If price is the only differentiator then the cheaper is better rule starts to apply. Where do we draw the line?

What has me so worked up about this is how important the core values, mission/vision and purpose are to a company. If we forget that what can and will happen!
Look to the opportunities of what is going on in our world today, not just the USA. We get to look at how we service our customers, we get to look at how we partner and take care of each other. If we give up value and move to “look at me, look at me, I/we have the lowest prices” what will happen to our service, our purpose, our mission/vision, our people, our families our companies and our country?

People are inspired by a mission/vision worthy of their contribution. Find a way to tie your work/life to that worthy mission/vision in alignment with the core values.
A few questions to ask:
* What’s the inherent value in your organization’s vision?

* Who in your organization seems to manifest best a belief in its values?

*  What can you do to communicate your vision, and its value to others?

The problems of today cannot be solved with the same thinking that gave us the problems in the first place” Albert Einstein

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Wishing you the best always,
Corinne McElroy


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