If you’ve ever communicated when you were angry (and who hasn’t?) then you probably know that it is fraught with dangers.  While it may feel good to “vent” or “get it off your chest”,  it does a lot of damage to your relationship with the other person.  Seldom is it worth the short-term feelings of vindication we get from blowing off steam.

The next time you are angry, remember that you are better off taking a time-out and communicating at a time when you are calm.

You might use one of the following phrases:
“I’m upset right now and I need to take a break.
“This has made me angry and I need to cool off for a few minutes.”
“Can we talk about this later, when I’ve had a chance to calm down?”

Then give yourself the time you need to feel calm, cool, and ready to communicate.  You will be much more effective, and you won’t damage your relationship in the heat of the moment

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To your success,
Corinne McElroy


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