writen by: Kent Ferguson

“ Security is mostly a superstition, it does not exist in Nature, nor do the children of men as whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safe in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”  Helen Keller

Scientist tell us that the only constant in the universe is change. That the universe is constantly expanding; and with that expansion comes change. So, why are so many human beings intimidated by change, or the mere thought of doing something differently? Even in the most basic of ways, sometimes?

Change moves us forward. It’s where new concepts, ideas, inventions, new opportunities and new ways of living life come about, and are acted upon!  Imagine if nothing ever changed, how boring life would be!

Yes, some people would say…but it’s safe this way! Those same people whose belief systems never change; they stay stuck on the same endless treadmill doing the same thing countless times. Those same people who sit on the fence of life wondering why they never get different results….?! They make the choice to live in those narrow, little comforts zones…that keep them safe, yet those belief systems and routines never bring anything new and refreshingly different into their lives.

When for most, the thought of change is more debilitating than the process itself! Right now, like so many times in our history we are experiencing circumstances that call for change in order to move us forward.

Imagine if our forefathers and mothers who risked it all to bring freedom and democracy to our newly formed country had cowered in the face of change? Imagine if the immigrants, refugees and our ancestors who boarded rat-infested sailing ships, who took primitive covered wagons or walked into the American wilderness had not yielded to the desire for freedom and a better way of life…where we would be today? They risked it all for change!

Somewhere in each of us is that voice that tells us there must be more; a yearning that calls to us to change what we’re doing and demand more of ourselves. In each of us is a leader. A leader who lives in support of something greater than ourselves. They are the bold ones who look at life differently and who aren’t afraid to face change and move past it to a newer, brighter future!

So I ask you; where is your commitment? When will you get off the fence of life and do something differently; something that demands change….something that will help move your life, your family, your community and humanity on this planet forward?

Will it be someday when you retire? Or someday when the kids are grown? Or maybe someday when your back is so far up against the wall that’s there’s no other way out? And if you choose to wait too long, that “someday” may never come and you lie on your deathbed wondering if  the choices you made in life really made a difference……?

Knowing all this, what will you do to look beyond your imagined limitations and then go beyond them?

Someday is Now!!!! Isn’t it time to take a “daring adventure”?


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