SWOT Analysis Description

I wanted to offer one more tool for you as you begin getting clear on your action plan.

Now that you have a team gathered around you that can support you while you develop the plan it is time to do a full SWOT analysis.

Most of us have at least heard of a SWOT analysis even if we have yet to participate in one.

Take a look at the image in this email for guidance.

You will be analyzing and recording four categories.

Strengths: List everything that is helpful and already existent within your organization.

Weaknesses: What within your organization could feasibly be harmful to achieving the objective.

Opportunities: What are your opportunities? (These are external to your organization.)

Threats: What could threaten your chances of success from outside your organization.

Knowing the answers to these questions before you begin your action plan allows you to develop a plan that will work in your marketplace.

If you want more advice or tips on how to do this process please email me or give me a call.


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