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“Congratulations! You’ve Been Published.” That was the subject line of an email from my publisher. The email confirmed The Power of The Platform: Speakers on Life, a book I co-authored with powerhouse speakers Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and Jack Canfield, had officially been published. Just one month earlier I received an opportunity to be featured in the book and was thrilled when my chapter, Your Dream Won’t Find You was accepted for publication.

When I reflect on how I got here I realize, the very philosophies I practice and inspire others to live by, are the ones that made this latest accomplishment possible.

Put Goals and Dreams in Writing

In 2009, as part of a group process, I was asked to write down what major impact I would make in my life in the next twelve months. Each person was then instructed to place his/her answer in an envelope to be returned one year later. One day someone walked into my office and handed me an envelope with my name written on it. I recognized the handwriting as my own. Inside was the note I had written to myself one year earlier. One of the items listed was to become a writer and speaker. Through my book and other works, I was already on my way there. This group process was a reminder of the power of putting goals and dreams in writing.


Follow Through

This process was not the first time I had put my dreams in writing. Yet, bringing it to life meant taking action. Without taking action, my dreams are merely words on paper. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part and may seem daunting. Yet, once those first steps are made, achieving a dream becomes easier. Follow through is even more important when one is faced with obstacles. As mentioned in the Power of the Platform, learn to see obstacles as opportunities; otherwise, you will begin to make excuses instead of making action plans.


Coaching for Success

“Coaches are a tremendous resource for, not only helping you to identify your dream; they will also help you to build a roadmap to get there. Coaches will be your cheerleaders, they will hold you accountable, and they will guide you along the way.” These are words of advice from one of my recent videos. Partnering with Corinne McElroy,  Edge Of  Change as my coach is a testament to this strategy.  Among other things, Corinne led me to have a greater belief in myself and provided me with solid tactics for achieving several grand visions.


Focus on What You Want

It took time and practice for me to change my thoughts and language so my focus is placed on the outcomes I want. “Focus on what you want” is a philosophy I empower others to live by because one’s attention can easily shift from what one wants to what one doesn’t want. For example, “I don’t want to fail.” When you focus on “I don’t want…” you are focusing on your fears and you may even see the negative outcome in your mind. Instead, come from a place of empowerment, faith, and confidence.

Perhaps the biggest and most important lesson for me in achieving my dream is remembering my “why.” Remembering why I want to be a writer and speaker keeps me focused on enriching and empowering the lives of others. It is the reason I live by the Horace Mann quote, “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” My why is also a chance for me to leave a legacy of living a life for the betterment of mankind.

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Christine Ferguson is a Speaker, Author, and Consultant. Christine has been an entrepreneur, manager, director, and leadership team member working with companies of all sizes – from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. By drawing upon her professional background, leadership training, and personal triumphs, Christine delivers authentic and compelling messages that inspire others to action.





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