We look at balance as the idea that every area in our life needs to be in perfect harmony… We use tools like a balance wheel and mark them from 1-10 to give us a visual of what areas we would  want to work on.  That is all well and good, now I am asking you to look at balance in a little different way.

What are you saying YES to in your life and what are you saying NO to?
For every Yes, you are saying No to something and for every No, you are saying Yes to something.

Here are some examples:

  • I am saying Yes to building my business and No to doubting myself
  • I am saying Yes to making 3 new contacts a week and No to the fear of being rejected
  • I am saying Yes to fulfillment and abundance and No to being a victim
  • I am saying No to stress and feeling I have to do it all on my own and Yes to the skill of delegation

Saying NO is as powerful as your Yes’s.  At times even more powerful.

If I could hand you a KEY to balance, I truly believe this is it…  Test it out for yourself this next 30 days.

What is ONE thing you want to do or stop doing in your personal or business life?
Write that down. Now draw a line down the middle of your paper and on the top left hand side write the word YES and on the right hand side write the word NO

Like this:

For you to really accomplish this goal/result what will you have to say Yes to? And, if you say Yes to it what will you have to say No to?

Keep asking yourself this until you run out of things.

Image if you will~ if you really committed to your Yes’s and your No’s what would be different?

I DARE YOU!  “BE” committed for 30 days~ I would love to hear from you.

Your Coach and Partner,
Corinne McElroy

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