Any coaching or training program you choose to invest in must provide measurable results. At Edge of Change we use four comprehensive assessments to measure performance before the start of a coaching or training program and after the conclusion of each phase.

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gridWhat we Measure:

Teams exist to produce results. High-performing teams produce superior results by paying attention to two interdependent dimensions.

  1. The attributes that support the team’s ability to be Productive: Team Leadership, Goals & Strategies, Proactive, Decision-Making, Resources, Accountability, Alignment
  2. The attributes that create engagement, collaboration, and resilience. In our model, we use the word “Positivity”. It means the potential to create positive, forward moving results: Trust, Respect, Camaraderie, Communication, Constructive Interaction, Values Diversity, Optimism
    High performing, top teams, outperform average teams:

By 39% with Productivity measures | By 46% with Positivity measures

What high performing teams do better than other teams: they excel at both.

Our Assessments

Our assessments are built on the foundations of  the latest work in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, change management, and team research conducted at leading universities. In addition, our assessments draw upon systems theory and the ground-breaking work of The Center for Right Relationship.

Teams exist to produce results

All four of the assessments we offer are built on two fundamental axes: factors that optimize productivity and factors that promote positivity. Having the tools and materials is not enough to achieve outstanding results without a high level of positive engagement and ways to neutralize negativity. Our assessments are built upon these two fundamental axes:


Our assessments are built on a model that defines seven separate productivity competencies and seven positivity competencies.


Research shows that the most successful teams have the means in place to take action and they build effective relationships to motivate and sustain action.

webAll of our assessments measure your team as a system. It is a unique approach to working with teams that is unlike any in the marketplace. What sets it apart from other methodologies is that it regards your team as a "system," a living dynamic organism with characteristics that transcend those of any of the individual members. Your team is seen as its own entity with its own rules, ideals, blind spots, vision, expectations and even moods. The spirit of your team infects and influences the individuals and plays a significant role in how the team works together and what it produces.

Anonymous On-Line Administration allows your team members to go on-line to access the instrument. When all team members have completed the survey, responses are compiled for the whole team. The result is an anonymous and candid report from your team, including their responses to a customized set of open-ended questions. With anonymity protected, team members are more frank and the results more revealing.


team logoDescriptions of the assessment and methodology used with the permission of Team Coaching International, developers of the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment.