heart_CheckupAre you leading on purpose or on accident? Are you driving the work of your business and your team, or is the work driving you? Are you holding yourself accountable to your goals?

Unless you are accountable you will always be playing catch up.

Are you accountable to your dream, your vision? Do you live up to the promise you made?

Are you accountable for communicating to your team? Have you shared your vision, mission, core values or guiding principles with the whole company?

Are you accountable for keeping score? Does everyone in your business know where the business stands, or have you created a culture of guessing and wild speculation?

Are you personally accountable to your action plan? Do you know what gets to and needs to happen next for your business to be on track?

Accountability means living by choice and leading on purpose.

When you choose to be personally accountable you will produce amazing results (in all areas of your life).


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