I would like to share a little story on how well coaching is helping me see things from a whole different perspective and opening my eyes to things I need to continue to work on.   My son and I had just got done with hockey practice and decided to go grab a bite to eat.   We proceeded to go to Pizza Hut for lunch.   We sat down, put our order in and talked about how practice went.   I noticed three employees walk by me, two of them managers and the other a younger team member.   I looked at my son and said I wouldn’t want to be him, assuming he was getting in trouble or written up.   My son looked at me and said how do you know he isn’t getting a raise?   At that moment I had goosebumps.   I feel I am a positive person but I had an 11 year old boy open my eyes wide open.   Thanks to the coaching of Corinne I am now truly amazed the things that I am aware of that I was not before.

George Carlson
Campus Cleaners
Spirit Lake , Ia.

George shared this story with me in a coaching session and I asked him if I could share it.  Change is about noticing and acknowledging.  It is the little things that make the huge differences in our lives.

The ability to look at things from a different perspective and use what we have learned in other areas of our life, business and personal…

This is a powerful thing!

Slow down over this next week.  Notice those areas that you have been working on. Acknowledge them and look for areas in your life where you are showing up and becoming more of the person you are wishing to be.

George, thank you for sharing your lessons.  How wonderful that you are sharing them with your son.

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Corinne McElroy


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