This year for me is all about health… giving myself the best chance to really go after what I want in life. I have been so powerful and strong in so many areas in life and yet ONE has held me back and I have allowed it to. I had allowed it to knock down my self-confidence and with each time that I had failed I allowed my saboteur to take over and say, see you cant do it, you don’t really need to, your ok just the way you are, you don’t need to drop the weight, it’s ok.

And you know up until now it has been easier to hide behind a phone, a desk, and my weight. Up until now, it was easier and yet it has been the hardest thing in my life to do.

This year I am stepping out and joining the human race and being with people. This year I am getting into a canoe and rowing down the Willamette River with my husband, this year I am running on the beach and this year I am getting up in front of more and more people and KNOWING I have taken control of my life!!!!!

I know from some of you this might be a surprise. “But Corinne you are a coach, how can you coach others, how can you coach me”?

Well, I figure if Oprah can come out and say this has been one of her toughest fights of her life, so can I…

It is all about being honest with ourselves of who we are in the moment and loving ourselves no matter what. It is about being vulnerable and having the strength to look in the mirror and really see ourselves for who we are. And, allow others to really see who we are down to the CORE of who we are. Not just the surface. I am strong and I am powerful and I will over come and YES I am a leader. This is my journey!

What is yours?

My challenge to you is to look into that mirror and be honest with yourself more honest then maybe you have ever been in your entire life. What do you see, what do you feel and I do not mean just the physical- I mean down deep into who you are.

What is that ONE thing that has been holding on to you for so long? Is it time to let it go? Are you willing to take the step, and step into the life that you truly deserve? Even if it is a little lean into it… If not now when?

I would love to hear all about your personal journey. Put it out there what it is you want, NOW!

Take some time and watch this…it is worth it


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