A Very Merry UNDREAM!

We all know that things like having a clear vision, defined goals, discovering and living our purpose, measurement strategies that guide us to success matter. I can write about that stuff 100 times over and feel like I am repeating the single most important mantra in the coaching and training industry. Yet every time I approach it, no matter how important I know it is, I find myself getting more and more frustrated.

Am I giving new information?

Here is my point, “IF” we know it is powerful, and that it works, then why do we not do it? Why do we not give ourselves permission to explore what is important to us? What are our dreams and visions for our fulfillment? What are our big whys, the energy, the juicy stuff behind our goals?

When I ask folks, “Have you written out your vision/goals?” I am really asking, “Have you allowed yourself to explore and dream what you want for your business, for your life?” At least 75% of the time they say “nope.” What comes out of their mouth instead is a list of excuses on why they haven’t, and worse yet, why they can’t! “I AM TOO BUSY. I am just so busy, you do not understand. I do not have any time. So much is going on.”

What are we so stinkin’ busy doing?

If we are not fulfilled in our life, and believe me I hear a lot of people complaining they are not, then what?

We must be busy doing our UNdream work. Yep, just like the UNbirthday in Alice in Wonderland. We are so busy doing stuff and talking about doing stuff… I have this vision of us all in our funny little hats with funny little animals singing “A Very Merry UNDREAM to Us.” We congratulate each other on how busy we are, and as soon as someone is willing to join us we will invite them right in to our UNdream with us.

Are we serving as an example for others or a warning?

How about we get busy and “willing” to LIVE our Dream – believing we really can!

I challenge and support you to give yourself 2 hours in the next 7 days. Go some place where you will be alone. Turn off that cell phone and dream.


Think about where you are in your life right now. What are you celebrating? Write down the dream. Write it from your future self as if it has already happened. Explore what about it excites you? Write out what your behaviors will need to be for you and your business to be successful. Create a sweet, simple way you will measure it. Something you can do that will only take 2 minutes a day – something fun so when you are celebrating that day’s success it puts a smile on your face…  (Yeah, like that smile.)

Remember to create your “A” team around you that will support you and be a resource.

This is so important. You do not have to do this alone.

OK, yes, these are all things you already know.  So this time instead of saying “I already know this stuff” Ask yourself, am I willing to stand in faith and take action?  Am I willing to put down the excuses of all the reason why I can’t, and instead dream myself into fulfillment?

If the answer is YES…  A Very Merry DREAM to Us!

Ready to get started? Download our free, DREAM BIG process to get moving today!


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