Have you ever thought about how successful people maintain their high levels of success and keep motivating themselves to go ever higher?

I work with successful individuals and companies every day and I would like to share with you one of their secrets to success. This concept can be used to increase your success in all areas of your life.

One secret of successful people is creating their “A” Team.   Their “A” Team is a group of people they can count on to be there to help them work through challenges, brainstorm new ideas, encourage them to move past their “stuck spots” more quickly, and help them to celebrate their wins.

Successful people are always looking for people to add to their “A” Team. They know and bank on the benefits of surrounding themselves with positive and energized people with varied areas of expertise.  Successful people have discovered that these alliances create faster, greater growth and success for every member.

What kind of people do you want on your “A” team?

Think about the people in your life~  In whose shoes would you feel proud and energized to walk for a week?

Here are some ideas of the kind of people you might like to have on your team~ You find them successful in their own right, enthusiastic, motivating, and good listeners.  These people are those to whom you can call on for brainstorming, thought provoking sounding boards, for your ideas and concepts.  They are encouragers with minds that are open to possibilities. They see change as a catalyst for growth and mistakes as part of the path to learning to even greater success.  They believe in win – win solutions to every situation. They act from a place of collaboration and believe in sharing knowledge and expertise.

Sometimes it helps to think of a person in whose company you feel positive and energized and then think of what is it about that person, their attitude, demeanor etc. that creates that feeling.

You can find your “A” team just about anywhere in your life. Your team can be comprised of family members, friends, business associates, business people doing the kind of work in which you have an interest, spiritual leaders or church members, personal and business coaches, consultants, teachers, any of the professionals you may employ to keep your financial, business and personal world spinning properly.  Look at the people in all areas of your life; see which people fit the criteria you have set for your team.

Here is an exercise in creative thinking and looking at possibility. Your team will probably be comprised of many different people. Some will be paid consultants in the areas of accounting, banking, lawyers, fitness coaches, perhaps personal and business coaches.  Some of your team will be drafted through family and friends.  Some members may be enticed to join your team because you have expertise they may need as well.  There are numerous creative ways to build a team.  Barter can work in many areas.  Come from the place of possibility, what are your needs and what can you bring to the table to share.

The secret to a great “A’ Team is a spirit of giving, cooperation and success for ALL involved.

Coaches Challenge: Begin to create your personal “A” Team. Discover what criteria you will set for your team.  Brainstorm some creative ways to gather your team. What strengths and expertise do you bring to the table to share?

Remember what Jim Rohn says: You can succeed by yourself, but it is hard to find a rich hermit!


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