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Here in the U.S. it’s Thanksgiving in two days. In addition to eating turkey and pumpkin pie (or eating the yummy food traditional in your family) and expressing what you are thankful for I am challenging you to create a new tradition that you begin this week and carry through the rest of the holiday season.

Pay it Forward.

I got the idea when my client, Crissida Brown, shared this story with me:

Paying it forward….What does it really mean?

Giving someone a lift or helping someone move? It is not the actual act of doing something, it is that good feeling you get and the feeling that the recipient experiences that really captures the essence of paying it forward.

I was recently in a long line at the drive thru of my local coffee shop, running late and stressed to the max, when a nice gentlemen allowed me to cut in line. When I got to the window, I requested to pay his tab as well as mine. Granted, his coffee was only $2, but I got warm fuzzies thinking of how wonderful it was going to be when he pulled up and offered his cash and they told him it had been taken care of.

That takes us to the note. Great note, makes you feel good. What makes me feel even better is that I discovered it, wrapped around a $5 bill under a random item at the grocery store!! pay it forward note

I picked up the item to look at the price and there it was! I unwrapped it and looked around thinking that someone was watching me. No one was watching me, no one was even on the aisle.

I have come to the conclusion that this note was meant for me and the $5 wasn’t bad either since I used it to pay for some of my groceries. I was grateful that I found it and grateful that people still feel the need to pay it forward whenever possible.

Don’t ever forget that a small gesture can really make someone’s day and who doesn’t want to be the reason for someone having a great day!

~Crissida Brown
Product Incident & Recall Manager
H-E-B Grocery Company

As you know, the holidays are known as much for the surrounding stress and pressure as they are for the joy they bring.

This year, make a strangers day and season just a bit better. Whether you buy some M&M’s for the overwhelmed cashier on Black Friday, shovel a neighbor’s sidewalks unexpectedly, or pay off a strangers layaway bill – do something kind for someone.

You and your recipient will have a great day because of it.


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